What happened to "Irish" Jake O'Brian?

The guy started off in MMA at 7-0 before making it to the UFC and going 3-0 at heavyweight including a win over Herring.

He then got stopped by Arlovski and Cain (two champs, no shame in that). He then got another UFC win before losing to some guy names Jon Jones at LHW.

Then left the UFC and went 4-1 with the lose being in Dream versus Mousasi.

His last fight and win was in 2012.

Ended his career at 28, having only lost to 3 UFC champs and Mousasi. Weird way to end the career. Weird he never competed in the UFC after the Jones loss. A

Anyone know the why behind his retirement?

Im going to take a wild stab and say too much damage for little reward. Sucks to be a mid tier guy even in the big leagues. See also dustin hazelett Phone Post 3.0

He had some issues personally, was working security in Indiana Phone Post 3.0

That is a shame. Seemed like he had great potential to be a top 20 UFC fighter.

Probably makes more money doing a regular job and takes zero injuries.... Phone Post 3.0