What happened to John Lober?

The guy was one of the early pioneers of crosstraining
and seemed to be well rounded but also always seemed
to gas out.

What this guy been up to?Does he still train or train fighters?


woops can a mod switch this over pleeese

John Lober is a very tough guy, I always enjoy his fights.

Very tough, competent and a few very exciting and technical fights to his name - but apparently a nutcase. I dunno what he is doing.

Last I heard from a mutual friend he had totally gone overboard on speed. Was on House arrest and had lost his teeth as a result of using ( I was not sure if that meant lost his temps and couldnt find them or speed made them fall out as that I thought he already had his teeth punched out). He did look pretty shitty last I saw him though, all sucked up. Could not happen to a better piece of shit if you ask me.

I dont know if he trained with Goes, but I do know he was part of the Combative Fighting Systems people. He was very close to Ken Gabrielson (black belt bjj) and based out of orange county. there was word of a recent comeback for lober in the past year but his fight in pancrase japan never panned out for some reason.

He was never the same after crying "uncle"

But Frank stole his "aura" in the second one...

Is he still fighting guys in his garage?

he tried to sell me some speakers out of his van a couple years ago. I wouldn't have even recognized him had the subject of mma not come up. seemed like he was still living off his fight(s) with Frank. nice guy though.

I liked Lober. Too bad about the above if true.

too bad...so sad

He is one of the few people who can say he kicked Frank Shamrock's ass (in their first fight in Hawaii).

John Lober taught me some very good moves and was always very cool to me.

Gary Hughes

dude always came to fight... watch the first fight with shamrock, this guy keeps coming forward like the living dead. he even spits out a tooth as he calmly and methodically beats down frank shamrock.

good luck in the future lober, hope it all comes together.

John Lober is very intense. It's hard to turn intensity on and off, like a light switch.

Gary Hughes

he wouldnt be a great roommate. last i heard he wast training hard for a comeback at medinas

I hope he does make a comeback. I've only seen his Battlecade fights and the Shammy beating, but he was always up for a fight and entertaining to watch.

How old is Lober now?

Did Tito and him have a fallng out after the Shammy fight or did Tito just move on

Lober came to fight, no doubt about that. He got his leg broken in Pancrase and just just told the ref as calm as day "my leg's broke."

His fights with Zinoviev and Jackson were great and he really did whip Frank all over the ring in their first meeting.

Hopefully he can turn things around. Goes was in his corner when he fought Jackson, so I'll assumed they trained together at least a little.