What happened to KOTC on HDNet?

The original deal was for 12 cards a year for multiple years.

“Mark Burnett Presents: King of the Cage” seems to be dead. The cards slowed down and have now stopped. What did Mark Burnett ever do for KOTC's production?

I don't think that HDNet was happy with the product they were getting and the Ray Mercer debacle seemed to be the last straw.

What's the whole story? I've read nothing about this anywhere.

 TTT for an answer


 Not sure what`s up with HDNet,but CSNC has started showing old KOTC shows.

Here is the schedule:

Doesn't look like there is any KOTC scheduled for a while.

These are the KOTC cards that HDNet broadcasted in 2010:

02/12/10 - King Of the Cage “Vengeance”

03/26/10 - King Of the Cage “Legacy”

04/16/10 - King Of The Cage “Bad Boys 2”

05/14/10 - King Of the Cage “Honor”

08/13/10 - King Of the Cage “Imminent Danger”

09/16/10 - King Of the Cage “No Mercy” AKA "No Mercer"

There are no further plans to air another KOTC on HDNet as far as the KOTC or HDNet websites are concerned. I could see that the KOTC organizers were having a hell of a time putting together TV worthy fight cards for these shows thus making it difficult for HDNet to promote them. I think HDNet may have gave them June and July to get their shit together and KOTC came back with a solid effort in August but then the September card fell apart and perhaps now the deal is over.

I would love to hear from either side as to what the real story is.


KOTC-Okinawa was just on last night.


Was just thinking about this myself and found this thread.  The original announcement in January 2010 said it was for three years with 36 shows (see link below).  But since the Detroit show in September 2010, nothing. Did HDNet tap after only 6 shows?  TTT for answers!



I get the feeling that KOTC dropped from HDNet after several of the big fights promoted for these cards fell through. HDNet were probably under the impression that KOTC were not living up to their end of the bargain and ended the contract.

I get the feeling that Shark Fights may end up going the same way as KOTC. HDNet had advertised Shark Fights 15 as taking place on April 22nd but it dosen't look like they have managed to put together a show.

I thought the cards were fairly weak, as were shark fights and titan fighting championship.

Dream and Sengoku were the bomb........single tear.

I found all the KOTC cards pretty entertaining.  Obviously not the best, but we did get to see some good talent like Quinn Mulhern and Abel Cullum.