What happened to Lady Gaga ?

2009-2012 she was the biggest artist on the planet....

now i never heard of her anymore....

Taylor Swift quickly took over that role as the number one popular artist.

She is on my radio at work right now.

The same thing that happens to anyone in entertainment after they earn hundreds of millions of dollars. Complacency. Phone Post 3.0

what are you talking about? she walks around lifting her skirt for people to take pics of her a$$ all the time.


Probably hasn't released an album recently?

She just released an album of duets with Tony Bennett. Surprisingly good voice, but just getting attention from a different demographic at the moment.

Her new shit tanked. People lost interest. She was ill (sick) for a while too. I'm sure that didn't help.

debut album was incredible, masterpiece

between her and Adel taking a backseat for a while we've lost out

She did a shitty country song, ripped off Madonna. Basically just ran out of creativity. Shot her wad with her first few hits. She's still hot and talented so she'll always be in the picture somehow.

. We love to build them up so we can tear them down. She'll be back on her feet next year. And we will all rave about her dramatic comeback..
Ugh Phone Post 3.0

she performed at the grammys last week


She was born with a penis. I saw it in some video where she hops off a motorcycle or something and her little dinagling is bouncing around.

Apparently starring in American Horror Story next season.

She peaked on The Sopranos.

She could only rip off Madonna for so long

droplogic - The market is saturated with slutty edgy retards. Phone Post 3.0
Ding. Phone Post 3.0

Didn't she just do the Oscars?

Turns out she can actually sing and I heard the thing she did with Bennett is pretty good too.

Seems like she's just switched demographics. Phone Post 3.0