what happened to mike van arsdale

I ve only seen one of his fights but i havent heard anything about him in awhile.

he fought in a show not too long ago, and won.

That guy was a physical specimen.


In a van, down by the river.

i believe the guy has only lost 1 mma fight, and that
was to wandy.

otherwize..tough s.o.b.

but he's a great wrestler as opposed to a great sub guy, thats the difference in adcc.

LOL @ Todd82!!!

cant help but think of a "an element of overcelebration" and him running in terror from silva...

With the amount of grease Silva had rubbed all over himself, its surprising Van Arsdale could even breath while in his guard.

He fought in Mexico show about 3 months back and submitted the guy in 1 minute round 1

I think his second and it was impressive. I had never seen a crusifix (spelling?) Submission

when did he fight silva?

He fought Silva in Brazil a few years back.

About ADCC. He beat Bustamante on points in 2000, only to lose to Tito in the semis. Busta did everything he could do, and VanArsdale escaped everything.

After doing so well against Busta, I was amazed that Tito submitted him (he's also been submitted by Negao, Garcia, and Almeida in ADCC)

fought silva in vale tudo... it was brutal, vintage silva highlight reel stuff

He also fought Mario Lopez (Slater from Saved by the Bell).

"Was it his first or second fight where he submitted a BJJ blackbelt? That was impressive"

Who is the black belt he subbed? just curious