What happened to Rizzo?

Guy was great and then boom he hits a rough spot or two goes away, attepts a comeback and gets stopped by strikes twice by medicore competion. WTF???

"yea hi, this is Frank...Frank rizzo....get ya fuckin mexican off my roof will ya"?

that rizzo?

36 years old shouldn't have anything to do wiht it imho

Pedro is 32 years old. Today is his birthday.

A few factors could include:

1 dimensional,counterpuncher,probably punchdrunk...That guy has taken some heavy shots over the years. and never training elsewhere other than with RVT.

He even looks and talks like an old boxer.

Can't believe he is only 32.

he is still on the canvas from Zenstov

I think the punishment he has taken over the years has taken its toll.

Good luck to Pedro in the future.