What happened to Rodolfo Amaro?

Hes a BJJ Black Belt that used to teach in NYC but I went to check out his website and its not there anymore? Does anyone know if he still teaches in NYC??? Any info?

ttt hope you find him!

Unfortunately I believe he was deported. Last I heard he was back in Brazil looking to get on BTT.

Deported sounds so negative. Unfortunately, he was supposed to file an extension for his toursit visa about a month after 9/11. Never got the papers completed because they wanted info he could provide (proof of living arrangements in Brazil, job in Brazil, etc) to prove he wasn't staying. I don't know if he ever tried to get the papers in but I assume they weren't willing to extend the visa.

I anyone knows differently (regarding the deportation) I am interested to know. Just didn't want unnecessary negative to surround him.

I am also trying to reach him so please post if you find anything. Thanks