What happened to Romie Aram ?

I'm just curious what happened to this guy ?? He went on a pretty good run in KOTC (Won the title,Beat Stevenson and Bohlander) then had one dissapointing fight in the UFC and went off the map. He's one guy I would love to see compete on TUF or just get another shot in the UFC.

Ive seen him in people's corners not too long ago. Im pretty sure he's still in the game, at least training other fighters and whatnot..

Romie is doing very good. He is mostly concentrating on training and managing his up and coming fighters. He's not fighting anymore, but he along with Javier "Showtime" Vazquez, Betiss Mansuri, and Will Sriyapai are running MILLENNIA MMA Academy. The academy has re-located to a new huge 2 story building over in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We are about to have our big "Grand Opening" in about a month. I'll have more details when I see him later on tonight.

Thanks for the info. Cool that he is still in it.

Right on for BIG Romie!!! My favorite Afgan!

Yeah... the place is coming together really well.