what happened to scott adams?

seeing him advertised on the dvd series here w/chuck made me think.

after he subbed ian the machine in an early ufc, i haven't heard about him. does he compete or just train? he had mir sub skills way before frank came on the scene for a hvywght!


I would love to see him fight again. He looked great against Ian and I've heard he can get a leg sub on anyone.

very successful promoter for WEC

yea he tooled ian on the ground. you think thats why ian knew to pound mir's face in before he got a chance to sub him?

Not only can he get a leg lock on anyone... he can get one from any position. Amazing to watch.

I remember Tito saying in an interview some time ago that he trained with Scott Adams and when they rolled he caught him in LegLock after Leglock time after time!


Yeah, Scott seems to be putting on a great show with the WEC. Anybody know who he learned his grappling from?


ttt, still wondering who he learned his grappling from.  I read he did train occasionally at Beverly Hills JJ back in the day.  He's pretty highly regarded so it's a little weird I can't find out who taught him.  Sounds like he is running things well with the WEC too!



ian said scott broke his ankle. saw scott at kotc - he was huuuuuuuge

i remember that tito quote, i recall it was something like 31 straight taps from leglocks.