What happened to ShoeBox?

Remember Frank Shamrocks event with the slopey walled pit.

no one?

Bunch TUf nubs!

they use that ring in the Chuck Norris World Combat League.

yeah. Swick fought in that, didn't he? I never saw video of it though.

they had one event in columbus, lost money lots of it, never had another one. I think it was called showbox or something

Oh yeah, I remember the Kumite ring from bloodsport.

It was a great idea and somebody should try it again.

People talk about the advantages of the ring being visibilty and such, but
really what makes the ring or the Shootbox platform exciting is the open
space. It is like driving on a mountain road and looking over the edge of
the road at all that open space. You heart goes into your throat.

When two guys go hurtling toward the emptiness of the ring or platform
edge, it give a visceral thrill to the audience because of the potential
danger. Even if that thrill is barely noticeable, in the back of your mind, it
is there.

When you see two guys heading to the edge of the cage, you are actually
letdown a bit. No sense of danger, nothing.

Is that what Pesci went to get in Goodfellas?

just put sharks with frickin lasers in a moat around the edges...

Anyone have a video of the event? I checked Shammy's site and he
doesn't sell it. I hav eseen a short 2 second clip on a highlight film.