What happened to the hate mail A&M coach received?

Anyone remember that? Did they ever catch the culprit?

They know who sent it but I'm not sure they were able to build a case. FYI it was anyone connected to the sumlin family 

Was or wasn't?

My bad "wasn't "

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Wasn't it my bad. 

William H Muncy - 

I hate you all.



Wasn't it my bad. 

Was or wasn't?


Coach Sumlin has moved on and is now under performing at UofA.

Houston man connected to racist letter sent to Kevin Sumlin in 2017

COLLEGE STATION – Law enforcement authorities believe they know the identity of the author of a racist, threatening letter sent to former Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin in September 2017, officials in both Harris and Brazos counties said.

The single-page rant arrived at the Sumlin home late that summer and included a racial slur directed at Sumlin, and finished with an “or else” after “please get lost.”

Houstonian Robin Chiswell was arrested last November on a separate stalking charge, and the letter to Sumlin was part of a larger collection of threats from Chiswell, according to authorities who did not wish to be identified because of the open case.