what happened to the ICC

THE ICC came on the fight seen a few years ago and they looked like they were going to rival the ufc and other large shows,after a few really good events they have died out,anyone have any idea what happened to them? did owner dan dease end up back in jail? any insight to the matter would help...thanks

Im not sure what happened Harry,ive heard of a few smaller shows that they were doing at the same venue you fought at in Fridley but nothing about larger shows like the ones they did at the target center.

Mike Reily could prob answer this question.

ttt for the answer


Dan, I would fight for you if you had a show...
Kevin Jordan

I think you would be better off getting ahold of Monte Cox,Mike Reilly or Nick Gamst if you wanted to fight in Minnesota.I dont think that Dan posts on the UG anymore.

That was good reading,i thought that Reilly still did the ICC trial shows at Spikers?

Don King came in and ruined everything before he even threw a show under their name.

Don King promoted a MMA show under the ICC name??

Where did this take place and when?

sarcasm. reilly and the coke dealer promoter (so claims his buddy brad kohler) were all over here after their 2nd show, promoting one for hawaii, then had the nerve to say they were in talks with king's promotional company, and that they were investing in future icc shows. haven't heard much since, except for reilly and his team bison fighters here and there.

I heard the same thing Brian,I heard they even flew the ICC crew out to Vegas for dinner and what not,there was even talk of getting Tyson in the MMA ring.

I know Reilly is and always will be involved in MMA but is Dan still involved in MMA in any way?

Kevin, i would like you to fight for my show, "Courage Fighting championships" in March. (march 26th.) email monte cox. we are partners and he's matchmaking. email him at fiteiowa@aol By the way, didn't i corner you in your fight a few years back in minn. ??? jason reinhardt sfcchamp135@aol.com

So what ever happened to gerberbabyhater?

i have since heard that dan dease and brad kohler have mended there differences,damn between the two of them you really have some big bullshit....

don't know if it is just a rumor or the truth,but i do know that both of them are pieces of shit that have never done anything good for the sport of mma.....Dirty Harry