What Happened To Travis Brown?

I know I know I know I know I know..... Edmond right?

Could it really be that simple though? I just can't believe someone with as much potential as Travis fucking Brown had in his prime knocking high level guys out like they were amatuers and highlight after highlight... He was easily the scariest guy in the HW division for a long time.

He was the next big thing and no one could deny it.

Where did it go wrong and why? Feel free to argue it was edmond but I would actually like to discuss it rationally and not just scream about edmond being a shit cunt the whole time. I get it edmond sucks and is a dick.

Could he really be the sole reason the best prospect in HW for a decade lost everything that made him so good? I just can't fathom that....



Lol he was never the "scariest guy in the heavyweight division."

To answer your question though, I think that there is something really wrong about Edmunds camp. It's incredible how not a single fighter I can think of has improved in their time there.

Same thing happened to ellenberger. It's gotta be Edmund

He just never improved and people were able to prepare for him.  Maybe it was being in Edmond's camp for so long, I don't know. I heard him say that he was fighting all wrong before Edmond pointed it out to him and showed him how to do it right.  Maybe Edmond broke him down so bad that he never got what he used to have back. 

I dont know but he sure isn't what he once was.   

I wasn't real impressed by the Black Beast either.  Belly is soft.  

Bad gym. Teaching the exact opposite what works for Travis. Edmonds gym is basically a boxing gym that started getting more into mma. Travis excelled at keeping a nice pace with kicking and kneeing his opponents to oblivion. Since he went over to edmond i dont see him kicking, clinching and kneeing as much as he used to. With less threats and less activivity from trav he gets outskilled. His hands Will never be enough to be top10 ranked. 


In My mind a great coach is someone that sees your strenght and your weakness and works out a style that Will be most effective for U. Ive seen mediocre fighters take medals at the highest lvl because of good coaches. If your highkicks are bad. Remove them and focus on becoming the best lowkicker and kneer in the world.. 


edmond wants ronda and Travis to Box instead of building around what they actually are good at..



^ Good post. Edmund may have taught him something about boxing but he seemed to take away the best parts of Browne's game. I though he looked good against Lewis early on.

I thought Browne looked good tonight. Maybe more killer instinct when he had Lewis hurt multiple times, but he didn't want to be too wild probably.

HW is more of a dice roll than other divisions and Lewis was the better man tonight. Shitty stoppage, but memorable fun fights like that are what we want as fans so it's difficult to knock the guy. Travis is regularly in exciting back n forth brawls.

Browne has won 7 bonuses. 2 FOTN, 4 KOTN, 1 SOTN

He has had a strong career for a Heavyweight.

Schaub stole his soul. 

Idk but talk about a fall

He was fighting smart and doing a lot of damage and had Lewis hurt.

Then he got reckless. He seems to always get reckless. And like Struve, he's not great at using his jab or teeps to keep shorter opponents away.

He's disappointing because he is talented.

I think it goes beyond Edmond.

A lifestyle change between Browne and Rouse has taken away their killer instinct. Perhaps they've gotten too comfortable with their socia lives and lost that fighter instinct, only to now go through the motions.

Oh and Edmond doesn't help neither.

How is his record pre and post usada?

It's hard to regain your edge after a few losses, maybe he needs to find a good mental coach. He's got all the tools to be champ just has to put it all back together again. Hopefully he didn't lose too many marbles after that late stoppage. 

Jump Kick -

How is his record pre and post usada?

Dont think he's won 1 fight since usada


he was never that good.

Celebrity pussy + Edmond + Domestic Violence = The Black Beast Karma

Judge Mental - 

he was never that good.

This is actually the most accurate answer. Browne's biggest wins are Barnett, Struve and Overeem. The Barnett fight ended quick with great elbows. Credit to him for that. Struve and Overeem are both chinny.