What happened to wrestling fans?

Watching aew and wwe they are all fat neckbeards and dorks. 20 years ago there were hot girls in the crowds, meatheads, dorks, frat bros etc. Ecw crowds were filled with lunatics that would chant you suck dick or show your tits. Even when you watch wrestling in the 70s and 80s there are regular people in the crowd ready to throw down with the heels. Now it just seems like a Star Wars fan fest in the crowd. Sucks to see the sport I used to love and grew up on suffer in almost every facet. Hoping one day it will have a boom period again.


And 40 years ago they were fat neck beards and dorks.

They were but there was all types mixed in the crowd. Now it’s majority neckbeards, dorks, Star Wars fans and larpers

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lol stfu

Covid19 choke slammed them for the 1…2…3… by their refusal to follow mandated mask requirements.

Rasslin’ fans don’t like bein’ told what to do by the damn Guhberment.

Sorry but the men who used to watch this cant take it seriously now that it has been infested with female wrestlers.

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It was cool to be a wrestling fan 20 years ago, or more specifically during the attitude era/nwo days. Now? I mean nobody in my personal life knows that I watch close to 10 hours of wrestling a week, nor will they. As far as all my friends and family know, I gave up all that shit a long time ago.

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Internet smarks when from being a minority is the total wrestling population to now being the majority and only ones who still watch.

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that and the GAY GAY GAY TRANS TRANS TRANS BLACK BLACK BLACK bullshit they shove down our throats now.

I saw one guy on AEW and he was this “freestyle rapper” gimmick. In the very next segment after he won they had this heartfelt vignette where he said he’s a “Proud gay man”.

Such a gangster. Such a believable gimmick, lol.

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Because wrestling used to be cool, now it’s aimed at 6 year olds