what happened to.....

Petey Williams? I watch his fight against Coleman over and over and get into arguements with my husband because I find sick pleasure in it for no reason..I don't have a thing against Coleman, but it is truly a crazy KO.....what happened to Pete? He was so young and just seemed to dissappear

thanks-no judgement on retiring, I hope he is doing something he loves to do and provides well for his family....I just hold that KO in my top three all time favourites....wondered where he went to-best of luck Pete!

Culinary Chef, we will miss Petey.  Petey my heart............

He pretty much lost his Heart in fighting IMO...He had 2 tough losses against Ricco Rodriquez and Semmy Schilt..He came in less then stellar shape against Frank Mir and lost..I knew at that fight he was done...Actually you couldn't tell if he was in good shape or not with that Badger stapled to his Belly.

Last I heard he became a Chef or was working towards that.

A Forum member on here months back said he met him in Hawaii and he was doing Construction..He said that Pete said that the Chef thing didn't work out and he was doing Contract work.He said that he thought about getting back into fighting since the money was better.he was supposed to come down to his school and train one day...Not sure if this was a BS story or not but seemed legit.