What happens to your body and mind in the absence of sex?

I have been doing that too at times. But I can’t find a gal that just wants sex and doesn’t “want more” anymore, let alone 4-5. Annoying. All their damn issues and needs. We men want some damn peace. Oh I’ve had real GFs and they were mostly easy maintenance… for gals. It all ended bad one day, after a few years of bliss. Who wants to have their heart broken because “she’s not happy” anymore?

I’d much prefer logically to go sexless, for a while at least, but damn it, we men have sex drive. It’s no joke.

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Girls do like nice guys. Especially girls that come out of relationships with an asshole. Keep your tentacles up man. They are out there.


Unfortunately I don’t play anymore lol

Yeah very true !

I should of clarified a few of the girls were out of town FWB types.
Girls who’d I see occasionally. A couple of them I’d been seeing 5 years or more

You’re right eventually they move on or the relationship fizzled out
It’s Lame texting and communicating with multiple woman
More frustrating not getting some some action though

You seem pretty witty & fun.

Go get a massage from a seedy joint.
I had friends who were “slow” to get some pussy or shed their virginity

Once you’re in your 40s your body starts to decline & you don’t feel as strong !

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Anyone can get a fun chunky girl. Some are amazing in bed too. Come on man!!

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I only watch the casting stuff, the legit casting not the “black couch” set up shit. I watch these teens and women suck and fuck overweight dudes with small to average dicks. Dudes they’d never fuck with in real life. It is reality, women will suck and fuck anyone for the right price.

lol. in for someone to psychoanalyze why that is your preferred content.

Because I like to see the ones who will fuck the lowest of the low for their $1,000. And I like real looking teens and women. Fake tit, bleach blonde bimbos don’t move my needle.

This is a series I’ve been chipping away at recently. And by “real” casting I know it’s not real. I should’ve said first timers.

I haven’t had sex for a long time because of my disease. I was diagnosed with testicular torsion and had to take some medication. Now I can have sex, though I should take Generic Cialis before it. But I’m a little bit afraid. I started dating lately and I’m not sure about first time as I had a big pause.

Just stay away from DaGrinder and theraskal and your first time back in the sack with a woman should be enjoyable. Not medical advice though.

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Ive had low t for a while. Little interest in sex, rarely have sex.

Some of these things seem legit. Some BS. Like the sleep thing. I sleep better than ever since my brain isnt occupied by thoughts of fornication.

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don’t tell yourself that you have no confidence. Tell yourself that we ALL have WEAKNESSES and STRENGTHS so everyone is WEAK in some ways and STRONG in others and so you are NORMAL.

As for Bald…just be like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and other such examples of cool bald guys. What do you like? Find a girl who likes those things, dress smart, workout and just be honest, if you are shy, just tell her you are shy, don’t be afraid to communicate who you are and I saw you also said about being a “nice guy” in another post and no problem, strumpets LOVE nice guys, I’m PROOF of that!

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You can change this if you want to. There is pussy out there for everyone. Bald doesn’t matter. Start lifting and eating right and be the jacked bald guy. You don’t need anything in common with them besides the desire to have sex. I have friends to have things in common with. Want to improve your confidence? Do stuff to improve it. Watch motivational videos. Read books. Get good at shit. Study Game and go out there and make shit happen for yourself. This is directed at anyone on here who is not happy with their getting laid situation. It is an art and a science and you absolutely CAN get good at it if you want it bad enough

Once you figure it out it goes from one of life’s great mysteries to something that’s so easy to get it loses some appeal

36 years…I wouldn’t know where to start.

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