What happens when an Amazon Van is parked unlocked in the ghetto

Of all the things that never happened…


not random boxes, boxes from people from their own community, potentially people they know.

probably a step further than most took in the thought process.


Beautiful culture.

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Niggas can be gay, too


Sorry, but it most definitely did happen. This wasn’t the worst area, but it wasn’t the best either. Bikes did get stripped and stolen there every night. It was also crip infested, but for whatever reason no one touched what was in my trunk that day. Most people in the hood are not criminals. Criminality is not a race specific thing, but then everyone with half a brain already knows that.

Good. Fuck Amazon.

You are all racists! Poor people are just in a rush to get their packages and you assume they are looting.


That blond lady got her purses ripped right off her neck.

There was a lot of pretty crappy people in that video.


She got robbed and slammed into the concrete for her troubles. It looks like she was asking them to stop robbing the van.

Lucky they just didn’t start soccer kicking her in the head as I’ve seen on several other videos.


All I could think of is ants swarming.


At first I thought the blonde was trying to direct everyone in an orderly fashion so that everyone got a package.


Was thinking…is that Detroit or St. Louis…nope Santa Monica, 5 miles from me, lol.

I heard call in’s on the radio after these lootings and the shop owners in the Third Street Promenade called the police as these lootings were taking place and the police told the shop owners “We can’t go there to help you out, we have to stay at the BLM Protest at the Santa Monica Pier. If you have a gun, use it to protect yourself.”

Holy fucking shit, never in my life would I think I would hear that from the police. I told my wife that, and that finally tipped her from anti-gun to be open minded to owning one.

Dude me too

I’m sure AMAZON has a LOOPHOLE and will be reimbursed along with some tax incentives for a double dip of Wealth Inequality WIN for them

#defund police so this can happen more often.


I agree.

I think we should all ignore the countless videos that look like this, and remember ol HokutoShinken’s Brooklyn Tale for evidence that these videos of a certain race committing these crimes more than any other race don’t exist.

Lol at your thought process.


HokutoShithead is a special fella


You sure it’s SM?

310 area code on building so that’s Inglewood, no?

310 covers west LA. I believe this happened somewhere near downtown SM, probably around 4th or 5th and Broadway

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I once walked by a group of black people in Ling Island City and wasn’t shot to death.

You see that is my evidence that this video speaks nothing of race, only a specific community in the context of what was going on at the time……because there’s absolutely a direct correlation between the two events.