What happens when Trump/Pompeo administration gets elected?

The dems stand no chance at re-election. Biden won’t be able to run again. America dislikes Kamala. Running a primary would be a disaster… no chance they win 2024.

Trump will run with Pompeo and win.

Heads will explode.

Rivers of tears will fill the streets


I think if Trump runs again the same bad actors that fortified the last election would fortify the election again. They hate the man with a passion.

I think if DeSantis runs top of the ticket it will be hard to get everyone on board with the “Literally Hitler, we must defend democracy by fortifying this election” two elections in a row.

I’d vote for him but I don’t want to see him run again, he energizes the demons of the left.

“Kamala Harris has defeated Donald Trump with an astounding 94 million votes, to 85 million.” Is not a headline I want to see in 3 years.


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i think:

if trump runs against anyone except maybe harris he loses.
if harris runs against anyone except trump she loses.
desantis beats anyone the dems run.

not sure there’s anyway to unite the country at this point short of a major war started by another country. but another trump presidency is the best way to divide us further and faster.


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Remember when trump said, there not coming for me they are coming for you. I’m Just in the way. Now they are forcing the vaccine on you :grimacing:


You mean the media will divide us further and faster


you wake up

you think trump isn’t part of that media?

If Trump got elected again I think I would have to take a day off just to laugh.


after pence, why on earth would pompeo or anyone else want to run as VP?

it almost would have to be don jr or ivanka

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twitter isn’t part of the media? trump isn’t a direct participant in it?

Biden will run again

You took the words right out of my mouth.

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He participated.
But he wasn’t the dividing force.

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Long before 2024, the only runs Biden will have are in his fucking pants.


Trump would lose worse than he did in 2020.


Michelle O Twenty Twenty Foe

many people would disagree with you.