What happens when Trump/Pompeo administration gets elected?

I hope he does run again , just to see him lose again . Followed by the TrumpTardTears .

He won’t make it past the primaries. He has caused enough damage to the GOP .

I think there’s a faction on the left who feel trump is so bad that they’re justified in interfering with elections


How will a war with another country unite us, when the left would side with the other country?

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Pompeo has been outstanding… a true patriot.


that’s a pretty hyperbolic and silly thing to say. almost all americans agreed in avenging the 9/11 attacks.

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Payback for the left. Military tribunals hopefully

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The military is a few years away from wearing a pride flag on their sleeve instead of an American flag. They’re not going to save anyone.

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Unless election fraud is corrected no conservative will hold office again.

Bullets not ballots.

It is time.


Maybe you can start. A sort of faggot Rambo.


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And many people are largely uninformed.

I agree that Trump was more of a disruptor than a uniter.
IMO,a disruptor is what was needed at the time… And still is.

But when it comes to being “divisive” the MSM and the left overall, were publically demonizing about half the country for 4 years.

Trump definitely should have taken the high road more often.
It’s a character flaw.

But the left was demonizing him and attacking him from day 1.
It is probably the greatest smear campaign in modern human history.

Trump was doing things that were mostly good for all Americans… And the MSM just refused to give him even a hint of a win.

It was a crazy thing to witness.


Lol at this revisionist history. The guy came to political prominence on the idea that the president was a secret Muslim and ran a campaign of banning a religion and somehow forcing Mexico to pay for a wall.

“Yeahbut day 1 was after that!!! It wasn’t fair!!!”

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Trump wanted the left to hate him and only spoke to his base. The result, he owned. I think he did some great things that he doesn’t get credit for but he was inflammatory as often as he could be. He reveled in it. It was like the perfect storm. Insane MSM and an absolute quote machine for them.

He was treated unfairly. He poured gas on that fire every chance he got.


He didn’t ban a religion, he rightfully banned travel from certain countries, temporarily.

And the wall is a good idea to anyone who isn’t a wannabe hippy activist schmuck.

But yeah…Biden is doing soooo much better with the border!!



A lot of truth here.

I was very critical of some of his reactions and attacks.

It’s just who he is…again,a character flaw.

But I don’t think being “inflammatory” is the same as being divisive.
The divisiveness was largely pushed by the left – and then Trump’s defensiveness just gave them more ammo.

That said… Even if Trump didn’t give him ammo, they would create their own.

He was never given a chance.

  1. The Republicans will win the presidency in 2024.

  2. It will be a Republican swamp creature who wins and not Trump. He will never set foot in the white house again.

  3. Most Americans will once again be fooled into believing they have some say who runs the government.


Remember he was going to meltdown at his first debate with Trump and it would become apparent to the world that he has dementia?

If Trump runs the whole age thing gets a lot harder for the GOP to play. Given Trump’s age and obesity.

If it was a good idea; why didn’t Trump get it built? C’mon, that was a huckster move. Get everyone riled up and want a wall and claim that Mexico was going to pay for it. It never got built. It was a campaign dog whistle. I’m not saying it isn’t a good idea; I’m saying that if it WAS a good idea, he never got it done.