What happens when Trump/Pompeo administration gets elected?

Remember Trump lost by 7 million votes pre Jan 6th insurrection. That behavior will be noted by voters

Ya because things are going great now, asshat

Trump exposes the demons of the left they start little shit fires everywhere regardless.

Why are people so invested in other people NOT getting the vaccine? Do they love strangers that much that they believe they are saving their life?

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This is something you have experienced in real life? Or only online as a result of arguing with folks hyperventilating that we need to take these weird shots and stop asking questions.

Because our only issue is government mandates that have created literal medical apartheid. That is it. We do not care what shots you decide to take. Nobody gives a fuck. Just leave us alone about our choices…

You mean when he advised his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically let their voices be heard”?


And enraged them by falsely claiming the election was stolen?

And sent our the clown car of Powell, Giuliani… to make inflammatory lies about a stolen election?

Yes indeed

My cousin’s wife was (is) rabidly anti-covid-vax.

True point that I have not met many people as crazily anti-vax as people online.

I’m libertarian with this and believe the government shouldn’t be mandating what I have to put in my body nor should they be telling me what I can’t put in my body so I’m with ya on that note.

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He got more done in his first month than Biden has done in his entire life.

It is sad but Trump spent a lot of time defending against wave after wave of false accusations. LOl at he was accused of what Biden had been doing for years. Pure corruption.


I was talking about the wall. I’m no Biden fan.

She wont get more responsibility, her only necessary prerequisite is that she’ll be able to read the teleprompter better than him, and hopefully not to sniff anybody

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Thats how mentally ill people think…

OP also created a thread last year saying Trump was going to win with ease
This thread shouldn’t be taking seriously.


By 2024 covid will be over and if the economy is in decent shape there’s a good chance Biden could stumble to the finish line. Incumbency is a powerful thing.

She’s very ambitious but has the self awareness to realize she’s not very good at the job.

biden’s approval rating will be in the 'teens by the end of his term, if he even makes it that far.

The “fuck joe biden” chant is getting louder.

Somehow, this dementia patient has managed to become universally hated even with the MSM in his back pocket.

And people think the country will actually elect another democrat?

The mid terms will send a loud and clear message. People have had enough of these liberal, progressive (whatever they call themselves) democrats and their half assed, communist ideas.

The experiment is over. Damage done. t’s time to get back to normal.

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Trump was exposed as a corrupt terrorist inspiring piece of shit.

His 20% base is a loyal cult but won’t be enough to win him another election.

And plus, Covid is killing his voters. They don’t think it’s real.


trump supporters: either the last election was stolen and therefore all subsequent ones will, or it wasnt and trump has a chance at winning due to bidens unpopularity.

which is it?

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survival rate is over 99%. Many red states like FL and TX are middle of the pack in deaths per capita and arent imposing restrictions. Dont be ridiculous.

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isn’t it something that the fake presidential polls that were completely worthless during the trump administration are now reliable when that biden is in the shitter?

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