What have been the best throws/slams in mma?

Besides the obvious Randleman vs Fedor fight what are some opf the best throws of slams in mma?

I'll start with two of my favourites

blue name help post please.


This is a classic from an old event and plus I really like Ivan would like to see him fight again.


Mark Van Arsdale's throw on Couture.

coupled with the fact it was against Couture while tied made it even more awesome.

GSP's throw on Hughes was equally impressive for the same reasons.

the randleman one was good, plus the rampage slam on arona has to be up there...rampage also hit a couple good ones on sak i believe...jon jones had a couple against bonnar


Maybe the most brutal ever.

Frank Shamrock vs. Igor Zinoviev is top 3

SCTom - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx2BRJLkjCg&NR=1

Maybe the most brutal ever.

All I could think about was the "your favorite MMA moments recreated in MS Paint" thread in which this slam (the aftermath) was showcased perfectly.

Wanderlei on Sakuraba.....Jon Jones did some nice stuff on Bonnar too

The guy who got his butt in a bind.

the hughes/newton "slam" was a thing that will always be in debate (as far as i am concerned).

as far as current, functional, throw's go......... i honestly have to say Nate Diaz. that kid consistantly works the simple hiptoss in a way that makes it look easy. you can see it coming....see what he is working for.... and it still works every damn time he commits to it.

its been said many many times, because it is true, "basic wins fights"
Nates approach to fighting defines this. he has taken what he has learned and, in my opinion, done very good things with it. still has that diaz/gracie approach to taking damage as the price to be paid for getting into the spot you want to be in, but as far as functional "throwing" ability goes I think nate is leading the pack right now-MM

 Karo Parisyan has had some really slick throws.

Karo's throw on Diego was of caliber that i dont think we will ever see again.

Jon Jones!!

I thought "RAMPAGE" was the new name for slam. Kid went to throw up a triangle, so dude just stood up and "RAMPAGED" him.

Shonie Carter, Karo, and "Bones" Jones have all successfully engineered careers by throwing the hell out of people.


fedor throw HMC

Rampage - Arona

Sap's piledriver on Big Nog. Like Randleman on Fedor it's that much cooler that he survived it and turned around to win the fight.

 arona was kod so i'd say rampage did a good 1



Harai Goshi (head spike) Also has Franca done any Judo?

Harai Goshi

Harai Goshi (head spike)

Harai Goshi



 Harai G

Harai Goshi UFC 84

Ouchi Gari UFC 85

Harai Goshi. Injured Riggs and ended the fight!

Harai Goshi from sergei

Uranage AKA Randleplex