What Have Ken Shamrock, etc. Been Doing Lately?

Can anyone post updates on MMA legends? What is Mark Kerr up to nowadays? Or what about Oleg Taktarov? Phone Post

 Oleg acts and was in Predators.  

Maverick3744 -  Oleg acts and was in Predators.  

He was in We Own The Night as well

steroids, lots and lots of steroids

 last time i saw pic of Shammers was about a year ago and he looked grey and half dead :(

Ken recently did a seminar in Novi, MI at Powerhouse. I'm guessing he's doing a lot of speaking engagements. I saw him using the gym the following day... he's a freaking animal! He never stopped to rest during his workout.

Good question. Mark Kerr isone of my favorite fighters of all time. Phone Post

I met Ken at an amateur MMA event in November, so it seems like he's doing mostly meet and greets, but idk for sure... Still a huge fan, was super excited to meet him Phone Post

Ken is chilling.

He is running a food truck in Portland and is a dog walking magnate in Seattle.

Dude has mellowed out. Phone Post

wat Phone Post

 once i saw him coaching at a high school wrestling tourny

Superdupersuper - I met ken when I was a teenager in nj. I first saw him fight Royce at UFC 5, was a huge huge fan. I was so fucking disappointed after.he didn't want to give me and my friends the time of day. He got real pissed when we asked him for a pic

Damn. Really? That's shitty. Sorry, man. Phone Post