What have you (re)discovered during lockdown?

I've eaten 3 bags of raisin bread in the last week.  No butter, no toasting, just the plain old bread.  Don't think I've had a slice in a decade or more.  Forgot how FUCKING GOOD this stuff is.  Getting off of raisin bread is going to be harder than getting over an oxy addiction.


So you discovered you're a homosexual

papa pump -

So you discovered you're a homosexual

I guess I’m flaming, I used to love those things.

papa pump -

So you discovered you're a homosexual

I like my man ass like I like my raisin bread, with a cinnamon swirl

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In all seriousness, what self-respecting fag would want me after I plump up 50 pounds eating raisin bread?

All "re":

Piano & classical guitar.
An organized home.
Regular calls to friends & family.
Age of Empires 2.


Finding out who my friends are.
Windows 10.
Statistical trending & researching international policy.
Some less common staples: farro, barley, freekeh, kasha.

Completely new:

Zoom & some other more obscure conferencing/streaming technologies.
Southpark: The Stick of Truth (bought this new & never unwrapped it).

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The Witcher 3. I finally played Blood and Wine. I sank almost 250 hours into replaying it.

The American Revolution. My oldest is studying it in school, and since his schooling is at home for now, we've been reading up and watching YouTube videos of re-enactments. I can't believe nobody has done a good modern movie about the war. Don't say The Patriot.

Silent Hunter 3. After watching Das Boot with my sons, I downloaded the Silent Hunter pack on Steam. It took a bit of relearning, but I managed to sink 66,000 tons during my first 3 patrols with manual targeting.

I've never had it before, maybe I'll pick some up to try 

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Cycling.  Audible.  

I LOVE the silent hunter series.

Outdoors shit.


Hiking with kids, mountain biking, camping

How long i’ve been married and how hard it is to get laid... here’s to rediscovery. 

Val Larralde -

I LOVE the silent hunter series.

I'm a ww2 nut. I've had the opportunity to dive 3 uboat wrecks. U853, 352 and the legendary 869. Few people know just how close the war came to the east coast. When I tell people I dove a uboat, they are shocked to hear it's a short boat ride from the US coast and not somewhere in Europe.

The stories of Black Elk, Quanah Parker, Spokane Gary, Cheif Joseph, Red Cloud, etc

a reminder of what a true pandemic is like and hearing accounts of tribes losing over half of their community in less than 20 years. 
The native American warriors faced a situation much different than a less than 1% death rate. 


I pulled out some old parts and threw together one of my old bmx bikes and rediscovered how much how fun it is. Also how much more painful crashes are in my 30’s compared to my teens or early 20’s.

I've discovered my family is the best thing that ever happened to me and I love them very much....

But got dam all day every day is too much FOR ANYTHING...i just want the house to myself again for a few hours here and there


Cycling and my golf swing