What housing markets do you see growing in the next 10 years? Dying?

Where are people gonna flock to and from?

A lot is going to depend on the shakeout in the next few months of big companies forcing their employees back to work.

Keep an eye on big tech (FAANG). There’s been a lot of noise about employees being unhappy and quitting. Otoh, people have been quietly moving back to the Valley (silicon valley) and going back to the office and grumbling, but still doing it.

Startups and other companies are offering full-remote as a perk, but big tech is still a draw, especially if there’s a downturn in the industry.

I can see it really going either way. But if workers have their way and full-remote is unleashed at scale, places that are decent to live and are close [enough] to a major airport will probably blow up.

Traffic in silicon valley has been getting worse and worse by the day again ao it definitely seems like people are getting back to the office and classrooms.

Boise is going to get californiafied up the asshole worse than Austin or Denver

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No tax states like Texas, Florida and Tennessee will continue to grow imo. Went to a conference about 5 years ago and a guy said by 2050 that 85-90% of the population would be in ten states. I thought that was silly at the time but I could definitely see that happening now.

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Florida Vero Beach area will be the next to take off. Port St Lucie is already blowing up.

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Ocala. In ten years I can see lowly Waldo FL blowing up at this rate.

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Durham NC, apple and Google coming in

Bluefield, WV. Intuit just bought an old coal warehouse and converted it to a data center. The college got tons of $$$ from Trump for being a HBCU and they’ve started multiple new sports teams and majors

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I wonder how free markets would work though. Even retardo states like California would reverse course after losing so much of their tax base

I see Illinois doing poorly because of the incredible exudus since 2014 unless new, smarter, less corrupt leadership can take over the state, but that’s next to impossible.
Population loss of 113k people, or 0.9% in 2021

All of the southern state with low taxes, good jobs and nice weather will go sky high.

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No they wouldn’t IMO. There is no price that’s too high to pay for the virtuous woke left

I’m thinking South Dakota will be able to hold out for awhile. But, yeah, the south probably has many options. Problem for me is I literally have no connections and familiarity with most of it.

I think Northern Indiana outside of Chicago is going to blow up even more. Why would you live in Chicago/IL when you can drive 40 minutes and live in a red state with lower taxes and a better, less corrupt government.