What HW boxer was the hardest to knockout?

 Right off the bat George Chuvalo comes to mind. Foreman was pretty damn hard to hurt as well.

BTW, I mean the abilty to take punches. Otherwise Larry Holmes and Ali would win this imo.

 Chuvalo is as good as any, Ali as well.


PINKsinglet -  Chuvalo is as good as any, Ali as well.

93 fights against the best of the best and was not knocked down one time. 

Thats crazy.


 Throw in Tex Cobb while youre at it

Beat me to it pink singlet- Tex Cobb.


Ensanity - Tua?
Was one of the guys I thought about when making the thread. David Tua is a dangerous man.

All good suggestions.  Oscar Bonavena was one tough hombre w/a chin of steel, too.




Just out of curiosity, why are you guys saying Tua?

What fights has he proven his chin in? The Ibeabuchi fight? He hasnt been in too many wars at all, he either crushed someone or lost a boring ass decision for the most part...

Love to put Tua in that Hottub Time Machine back to 1986 and see him and Cobb have some fantastical rockem sockem robot fight.

Tua is the first name that came to mind.

Cobb in his prime.


Marciano had an amazing chin - Archie Moore hit him with a perfect right hand and he popped right up.

Tua had an unreal chin.

Tex Cobb no doubt.

Evander Holyfield

chuvalo is generally considered to have had the best chin ever

The instant I saw the thread title I immediately thought Chuvalo.

mikecard - chuvalo is generally considered to have had the best chin ever

and now i believe he has ALS

 Ray Mercer

Evander Holyfield

Larry Holmes

David Tua

George Chuvalo seems fine these days.


Most recent interview I could find. Just ignore the British dork.