What HW boxer was the hardest to knockout?

If we are just talking about chins. It's Tex Cobb. Ali got dropped by little ass Henry Cooper and was saved by the bell.

Chuvalo doesn't have ALS.

On one of Joe Rogan's podcasts, a guest mistakenly said he saw a show about Chuvalo and he was suffering from ALS due to boxing. It was an HBO feature and it was about Scott Ledoux.

Chuvalo is perfectly fine and has never shown any signs of any kind of brain damage.

Supposedly Sports Illustrated also ran a battery of tests on Tex Cobb, Jerry Quarry, and some journeyman boxer in the mid-1980s and found Quarry and the journeyman to have early signs of brain damager, while Cobb showed zero signs (and this was after his absolute drumming by Holmes and near the end of his career).

Some guys heads are just built to withstand more punishment, and for whatever reason their brains don't bang up against their skulls as violently as others. Maybe naturally thicker skulls and more fluid in the brain?

Toney has been very difficult to hurt let alone knock out during his boxing career. Oliver McCall has proven to have a rock solid chin also.

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Ken Norton

PINKsinglet -  Throw in Tex Cobb while youre at it

Wait yeah what happened to his acting career!?! Raising Arizona and Uncommon Valor FTW...!

Norton?????? You mean like against Foreman and Shavers? :)

None of you have mentioned Jerry Quarry yet. He was stopped a number of times but was either cut or the ref stopped the fight. He fought the best of his era in an era that was loaded w/ talent and was knocked down only a few times, at most, if I recall correctly. Chuvalo did it once.

That Chuvalo-Ali documentary before their fight in Toronto isn't bad. I would recommend it if you haven't seen it.

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No, you're on the wrong forum MMA fan who doesn't appreciate boxing...

True that, Bobby. He could punch in combos, was tough as nails, and was relentless. Reminds me somewhat of Evander. But Quarry could be reckless and overestimated his power at times.

Have you seen his fight against Chuvalo w/ the strange ending?

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Chuvalo, and he is healthy as a horse these days.

Ortman, I did jump the gun and overreact by assuming that you were anti-boxing guy. There are a lot of people like that on this forum. My apologies. Btw, I've been on this forum a long, long time. If I don't post on a regular basis, it has everything to do w/ not having the time. Especially on weekdays.

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That said, I wouldn't mind your weighing in on this question so that I don't have to go to the boxing forum...

Chuvalo is a rare fighter who had tons of tough fights over a long career and can still speak coherently. The same cannot be said for most heavyweights.

Ok Tex and chuvallo are up there IMO Phone Post

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And also I think the reason for the double standard that most people have is that things like Bjj and wrestling are more helpful in mma then pure boxing. If a high level boxer and a high level grappler met in a MMA match u already know the outcome. That being said it is still a double standard I agree Phone Post

good thread

Recently Tua for sure. That guy could take a tire iron to the head and just hit you again.

I don't think Marciano belongs on a list of great chins with some of these other guys. He got knocked down by a 38-year-old Jersey Joe Walcott and a 41-year old Archie Moore who was moving up in weight.

Compare that to someone like Chuvalo who was NEVER knocked down in any of his pro fights. Or David Tua who suffered his first knockdown ever just this year.