What I want for X-Mas ...

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year and would appreciate it if you would read my list and help me in any way you can. I only ask for these 5 things and promise to be even better in 04.

Number 1 - please kill Norman Stone. He annoys the hell out of me and maybe with his death the world most boring boxer will retire.

Number 2 - Give Bernard hopkins one more exciting fight before his retirement. Other than Trinidad he had had to face run of the mill middleweights who could not carry his jock. How about ODH or Joe C taking a fight with the X man ?

Number 3 take all the championship belts from the homes of the alphabet champions and bury them. Use Ring magazine to determine champs.

Number 4 Bring back USA tuesday night fights.. enough Scott Ledoux and more Sean.

Number 5 and the most important...please,please ,please no more Tom Joyner dressing room interviews !!!!!!!!

You may get some letters from some of my MMA co-horts. Please do not held me accountable for what they say..

I'd like to add to the list. Make Lennox Lewis stop proclaiming he is the greatest Heavyweight ever in his pompous tone. He clearly is not.

Get Ledoux the fight with Foreman he wants so bad.

Screw Ledoux...no offense to him but he's just looking to use George as a big payday. George is happily retired and has a net worth that is about 1000 time greater than Ledoux's. George talks about possibly coming out of retirement if Lennox were to lose the title to Vlad and Ledoux jumps on him and starts tossing insults...George should just sit at home and laugh his ass off and occasionally pull out a 12 inch stack of 100 dollar bills and flash them at Ledoux the next time they do an interview.

Oh yeah...#3 sounds pretty good to me.

Great list.