what if bones pulls out of 152 with injury 8 days

...before fight?

will dfw blow a gasket?

Definately. Phone Post

what if it's a small injury that he could still fight with but greg jackson tells him not to?

Or maybe it's raining and Greg Jackson tells he doesn't recommend it'd be safe to fly in that weather. Then Jackson will be interview saying the weather and the UFC schedule to go to other cities is to blame, and all fights should be relocated to New Mexico. He doesn't think it's in the interest of his fighters to have to travel to fight or be away from him too long, he needs to tuck in all his fighters and read them a bed time story. Phone Post

WhereInTheWorldIsRicardoArona - 

Interim title fight. Vitor vs Chael. Vitor destroys Chael. Phone Post

That would be a sweet interim title fight.