What if........Brock got in to mma before wwe?


Just thought I'd throw this question out there

What's ur thoughts on Brock if we where to say he went straight in to mma with a quality camp instead of f-5 people for shit loads of millions of $$$

Do u think he could of gone on to become a total unstoppable monster? Phone Post

 what if he was signed by m-1 after the kim fight?

On one hand he probably could've developed much better as an mma fighter, especially his striking and ability to take a punch plus wouldn't have as much wear and tear from pro wrestling but he probably wouldn't have the drawing power and fan base that came with his wwe stint. Phone Post

He would have been a lot more dominant, the comp in the UFC back when he started pro wrasslin was well below what it is today, although he would have had some trouble in Pride. He probably would have developed a solid striking game eventually too. Plus he'd have been younger and had less wear and tear on his body.

 He would have been fed to the lions like Natsula. Pride was paying more and they love giants. He'd probably fight Nog, CC, (Fedor would avoid) and Fujita would step in. He'd go 0-3 and then hit the WWE


He probably would be all around more impressive obviously. I probably would have a different attitude about him without the attachment of his name to professional wrestling.

Just being honest. I know he is a legit athlete and has proven himself and came from a real wrestling base before the "pro" but there is always this (admittedly a bit unfair) grumpy voice in the back of my head when name comes up "grumble, grumble, WWE shit, grumble" Phone Post

He woulda been more fresh from NCAA wrestling and his transition into MMA woulda been A LOT smoother, he'd probably still be champion right now. Phone Post

What if he had invented Wheat bread?

Authority Figure - What if he had invented Wheat bread?

 He'd be GOAT

 People would probably give him the respect he deserves and actually recognize that he's a freak talent of an individual - and I'm not even a Brock fan.

 Then we would have known he had a thin chin something like 10 years ago?

He'd be an UNSTOPPABLE FRATE TRAIN... oh wait, he was that anyways

 He might have been the best fighter ever. MMA has never seen someone with his combination of size, speed, strength, and cardio.

Brock's downfalls are not being used to getting hit, age, and lack of technique. A 25 year old Brock having trained mma for 8-10 years would have been a scary, scary man, no one today compares to what he could have been.

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FacepunchPOW -  Then we would have known he had a thin chin something like 10 years ago?

You try taking the shots Brock has taken big man.

Comments like yours stink of ignorance. Phone Post
Uhh.. Ok. I will admit that shots from Heavyweights would probably turn me into a grease spot on the floor.

The fact remains he doesn't react well to getting hit. We saw it in the Carwin fight and we saw it in the Velasquez fight. It's a likely symptom of not sparring hard enough in the build ups to his fights. I hope he corrects it in his training.


 He would have gone as far as his illness would have allowed him to go.  As it is, he won the most coveted belt in all of professional mixed martal arts by his 4th professional fight.  He stopped a legend and in total, defeated 3 consecutive UFC Champions, (1 undefeated, the other 2 multiple time champs) and he stopped them all.  I'm hoping he's bck to 100% and able to compete illness free the rest of the way out.  If so, he cna wear that belt again.

 1st death in MMA.  If that guy ever learns how to ground and pound with proper leverage it's over.  Good thing he went to the wwe and wore his body out first to make things a little more palatable - especially in post Fox era MMA.

People actually think he had diverticulitis...  wasnt true.

After the powers that be witnessed what he did to Frank Mir's face with only 2 years of training, he was poisioned to slow him down and when it was discovered his body was actually beating the poison he was ordered to remove 12 inches of his stomach otherwise he wouldnt be able to come back.

Yeah I mean it boggles my mind to think of what he could of been capable of if he would of trained sooner I reckon he would of been just running people over literally!

I think the guy deserves alot of credit for what he has archived and altho we hate to admit it if it wasn't for wwe we wouldn't of even been discussing this now so that has me thinking could u class Brock as the biggest waste of potential seen as he didnt start until late

That said I ain't saying he may go on another run to a title

I know that I live seeing him charge across the ring like a raging bull Phone Post

Chris Power -  People would probably give him the respect he deserves and actually recognize that he's a freak talent of an individual - and I'm not even a Brock fan.

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