What if Bruce Springsteen didn’t pull up Courtney Cox?

Ya think!

I can imagine the casting agent.

“We can a skinny girl that looks like a faggot boy”

What plastic surgery did Aniston get besides a nose job?

In OITNB, the former warden (Natalie, a tall slender woman) is talking to the guy who replaced her. She mentions being at the Springsteen concert, where Courtney was pulled on the stage. Natalie was (according to the script) sitting nearby, and always thought that, if she had be thinner at the time, it could have been HER that was chosen by Bruce.

Her comment was that was when, “I stopped fucking around with my bulimia and got serious about my anorexia”.

for those who don’t want to watch this piece of shit, she first appears around 2:25

I for one enjoy the music of Springsteen. As a matter of fact I will listen to him On my way to a ball game today.

She doesn’t remember being on Friends anyways

You should start a thread and just start taking requests for describing people.

Do Bryan Adams next.

I’ll put some Fogerty on before the game

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Born in the USA seemed like such a patriotic album at the time.

She’d still just be dancing in the dark.

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It did more for her than that stupid show “Misfits if Science”.

Yeah, and in the video they had soldiers drilling with the flag intermixed with video of the band doing a poor job of lip synching to the music.