What If Dana White....

 Here is a blurb from Trevor Lane's piece

Dana White, love him or hate him, is the driving force behind the UFC.  His stocky, bald figure can be seen in the front row of every show, right in the middle of the action. 

In 2001, Dana and his partners, the Fertitta brothers, bought the failing UFC for $2 million.  MMA was being promoted as being little more than street brawls, but Dana was able to change the image associated with it, and breathe new life into the fledgling sport. 

Now the UFC gets more pay-per-view buys than any other event, and has spawned a hit reality show, The Ultimate Fighter.  The current value of the UFC is estimated at somewhere around $1 billion dollars as MMA madness is sweeping the world. 

While every MMA fan, myself included, is certainly happy with the success of the UFC, let’s take a look at how things would have turned out had the hand of fate had pushed things in another direction…

 What If Dana White Hadn’t Created The Ultimate Fighter?

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