What if GSP loses....

What then?

The UG will Implode. It will be glorious!

I could definitely see it happening. I mean, the realization that the ENTIRE WORLD has cast you aside as having no chance to win... that's a HELLUVA motivator there.

the server will crash, just like all MMA forum servers crashed the first time.

sherk will pull the upset again. just watch.

I want GSP to win. I will be in Montreal at the fight and it would be huge.

However, Serra seems like a cool guy and I originally picked him to beat Hughes. So, if he beats GSP, then he gets a shot a Hughes. If he beats Hughes and GSP, then his legacy is solidified.

If he loses to GSP and beats Hughes, then he'll go down as a pretty damn good fighter.

If he loses to GSP and Hughes, then he'll be relegated to a decent journeyman.

Such a thing would be unexplainable... Chaos in the WW division.

I will laugh even harder than I did when he lost the first time. And I'm not even a fan of Matt Serra.

All the talk of him being p4p #1, will set the record for consecutive title defenses, will move up to 185 and take that belt too. Only to be destroyed in his first title defense against a 10-1 (?) underdog.

LOL Crook.   I think GSPs nerves will be fucked up.

it'd be like the pats losing to the giants...again

The sky will part, lighting and hail will follow, as God returns and the apocolypse begins. It will be the end of humanity as the most illogical event in human history has just taken place.

Blasphemous thread!

I could totally see it happen, there is huge pressure to win at the first UFC in Canada and beat the guy that smashed your brains in last time you fought.

Serra can come in with the attitude of not having much to lose; hence less pressure but he'll be in amazing shape cause he wants desperatly to prove everybody wrong that the last time wasn't a fluke.

Advantage Serra.

Although i'll be rooting for GSP.

Crooklyn is correct! It's a matter of WHEN! :)

Ps. MOTMW, call me! I left another message for you last night, and due to being snowed in, will be home all day! :)

I will.  At work now sir.  

it means Fitch Vs Serra..in the summer.

Will Serra be the dog again?

Serra's a tough matchup for GSP.  Heavy hands + top notch ground game.  This fight could go the same as the first.  GSP should take Serra down and work GNP and hope for a TKO stoppage or UD.  Almost needs to fight this fight like the BJ fight.

Serra by RNC

My god this serra

I cant fucking wait.

GSP will likely take this fight to the ground and work Serra on the mat with elbows much like Karo did to Serra. For as good a jiu jitsu guy as Serra is, his MMA submission game isn't great.