What if hogan jumped on ROH or GFW?

What if he jumped on one of those right now??? Think either org could have any use for him? Phone Post 3.0

ROH wouldn't touch him for anything more than a one off.

Global can't afford him I wouldn't think.

Hogan is gonna issue his statements and lay low for awhile. I don't think we will ever see him in a professional wrestling ring again Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't be shocked if he turned up somewhere in 6 months after the heat cooled and he apologised a million times. Phone Post 3.0

WWE will bring him back for Wrestlemania and book him in a handicap match against Mark Henry, New Day, Gator and the Gay, and Ron Simmons. Phone Post 3.0

The company would go bankrupt, see wcw, Tna and any other promotion aside from wwe. Hogan isn't worth his pay rate anymore. Phone Post 3.0