What if it's a Tactical stethoscope?

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Amazing info!

I recently took Gracie University’s life-saving “Weapons of Podiatry” seminar, making me feel much safer and more confident in a podiatric setting.

We learned simple, but effective defenses against toenail clipper attacks as well as how to use orthotic insoles as improvised weapons. HIGHLY recommended!


Grifters gonna grift

A recent Gallup poll of Health Care workers found that their single biggest fear while on the job was being strangled to death by a stethoscope.

But no longer --thanks to Gracie University.



Suppose he’s got a pointed stick

C’mon… don’t even joke about stuff like that.

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Somebody should rape Renner to delegitimize him. He’d be ruined.

Id be way more worried about someone trying to steal my $300 Litmann then trying to defend being choked by it.

But to be fair, theres a reason we went to cloth badges and I always told anyone that wore hoop earings “those are just handles dumbshit”.

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