What if?.......re; weight cutting

OG’ers, I would like your honest opinion on a subject(s). This is clearly open for debate. I just ask that you keep an open mind and try to see both sides of the argument. Of course constructive criticism is welcomed. The subject is weight cutting for combat sports.

We all know the reasons for weight cutting;

- To be the largest guy in a weight class

- To have a competitive edge against other guys that are also cutting weight.

- To look better at weigh ins (come on, admit to the vanity)

And one of the main arguments for weight cutting is that "everyone does it", so fighters have to cut weight to be competitive

Now let's look at the negatives;

- It is bad for you. Severe dehydration can cause liver and kidney damage.

- Water cushions the brainsesies. If you are not properly hydrated, you can acquire serious dain bramage.

- You are physically much weaker after cutting weight.

- A large number of fights are dropped last minute because a fighter did not make their contracted weight. This is bad for both fighters, the promotion and most importantly the ticket buyers.

Now.... To my what if;

Everyone cuts weight because "everybody does it", so what if everybody stopped?

- Fighters would be bumped up at least a weight class, in some cases two.

- Fighters would have to weigh in at the event as well to guarantee they did not cut any weight from the initial weigh in(weigh ins could still be done to hype the event).

- Fighters would need to have a certain body fat percentage as well as display no signs of dehydration at fight time. This is for their own safety as you would have some idiots who would try this.

- This would be a true leveling of the playing fields. It would guarantee you are fighting guys your own size who are not giants and just really good at cutting weight.

- Could theoretically lengthen fighters careers

- Could theoretically produce better fights as participant would be healthier and less tired.

- No excuses for not making weight. You fight at what you weigh - period.

Now I realize this is an entire culture change and could not be done by a single promotion, but why not? The benefits to everyone are clearly there.

What if?

Could it work?

Would it work?


Why not?

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this is dumb because weight classes are arbitrary and most float around in the middle

if you are 186, you have to fight guys that weigh up to 205? i would just cut the weight

If you are 186, losing one pound to get into the 185 division is kind of not a big deal and can be done easy in training. I am talking about the guys running around at 186, that are cutting to 145. If you weigh 185 why not fight at 185 against guys your same size? Phone Post 3.0

I agree. That being said, I am cutting to 185 for my next fight. I walk around at 205 on the nose.

Machine if your opponent was guaranteed to weigh 205 at fight time - wouldn't you feel better and prefer to fight at 205? Phone Post 3.0

Over 250 views and very few responses. Interdasting. Phone Post 3.0

jujitsujamo - Machine if your opponent was guaranteed to weigh 205 at fight time - wouldn't you feel better and prefer to fight at 205? Phone Post 3.0