What if Royce Gracie...

What if Royce Gracie fought the great Kimura? Can he win?

Would Kimura be a tougher opponent than Yoshida was?

For a useful answer, you'd have to ask Royce's father. He's the only person living who could give an informed opinion.

I think that both BJJ and Judo must have evolved a lot since then.

CariocaJJ: I think the practicianers have progressed, but the art, not much.


You can't compare people of different times or say it's better now or than. I thought modern boxers were ahead of there predecessors until Foreman came back and won the Title

Who cares.

I agree with Byron.

I'd also like to point out I learned how to kick someone in the balls in my judo class when I was a white belt.

So there.

SJ: So you learned that version of Uchi-Mata as well?

Depends, guy like me, with balls this size, coulda been a footsweep.

lol MM

If Kimura was alive, I suspect he would have adapted with the sports and continued to excel.


actually, it was a straight up snap kick from off grip breaks in the self defense/white belt portion at my dojo.

But don't tell anyone, cause judo's not fo' the street, mang.

lol @ comedian :)

My money would be on Royce, because Kimura would be over 86 years old.

You can't compare 2 atheletes from different ages, because we don't know how the arts have been developed during time.