What if trump switched to democrat

But kept the majority of his political views. Would the media love him?

Been drinking tonight young man?

I have speculated on this board several times that Ivanka could run & win as a democrat, provided the DNC rules first changed to reflect only the will of the primary voters, no hinky stuff.

He is a Democrat


Mmm hmm

HE WAS. He was a NYC democrat and buddies with the Clintons. Google it.

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At least someone can admit that Democrats are racists.

He’s a 90’s liberal.
None of his policies would be controversial in the slightest. The ground shifted under our feet.
The liberals were the anti-war, pro-worker party.
Now they’re all for the military industrial complex and unchecked globalism.

Trump is only a “right winger” because they painted him that way. He’s far from a Pat Buchanan type.


She can’t even show her face in NYC.

And you say Trump was a liberal? Lmao

Clinton was very business friendly.

He is a fucking Democrat! It took a lifelong Democrat switching to Republican to get a Republican win :joy:

Was… 20 years ago
What was a dem is now anR… I have no clue wtf a dem is now

No, they attacked Trump because he wasn’t a part of the Globalist agenda to control the world. It wouldn’t matter what party he was with, the media would do as their bosses tell them, and attack him constantly.


We likely would have seen more bipartisan legislation during the Trump presidency had the left not been so hell-bent on pursuing impeachments that had no merit.

As it was Trump acheived criminal justice reform, a traditionally liberal position that many conservatives disagreed with. Infrastructure – true infrastructure, not the crap the Dems want now – could have been passed, which Dems traditionally love because it so benefits the unions.

Trump became the President of the working class, which used to be the base of the Dems. Now the Dems cater to those dependent on social welfare and the big tech/corporate millionaires.

Trump isn’t a hawk and had little interest in getting us involved in conflict; that used to be the Dems’ position.

The bottom line is that, whether they agreed with aspects Trumps agenda or not, they were NOT going to give him ANY political wins, even if it meant changing their own long-held beliefs and hurting the American people.


All the people calling him racist, dictator,etc for 4 years would be lining up to suck his dick.

He banned bump stocks by executive order, gun control by executive order was first discussed by Hillary Clinton. He is middle of the road for sure but still holds many liberal ideals. I liked his pro business, pro American agenda though

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Redneck is correct. This could not be any more clear at this point. I have seen some speculate that DJT was all part of the script. But I do not agree with that. The globalists absolutely loathe him. It’s palpable.