What if UFC made a card filled with title fights?

HW title fight
LHW title fight
MW title fight
WW title fight
LW title fight
FW title fight
BW title fight

They should strategically plan all of the next few title fights so that they can put all 7 on one event sometime in the future.

I would pay $100, easily.

and then watch their ppv buys plummet since there won't be another title fight for 3-4 months.

Or better yet have them all fight at once in an over the top Royal Rumble with Ste Segal as special guest ref Phone Post

On a serious side note, the end of the year show should be a totally stacked card.

But back to the topic at hand...a Royal Rumble in the steel cage would be sick bros.

Aldo would be rey mesterio esq Phone Post

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it would be 8 hours long. that many 5 round fights? didn't the strikeforce card teach us thats a terrible idea