What If Your Daughter Fell in Love with Jose?

Your lawnmower guy. He's 28. Your daughter is 19. Your daughter suddenly said "oh my god I never thought I would love a bean eating MEXICAN but I do. The way he holds his backpack airblower. His love for cheap tequila. I love him papa! I love him I say. And if you can't respect that then fuck Ju ese!!!!"

What would you do? Phone Post 3.0

Give Jose a raise so he can afford to take my daughter to the nicer Taco Bell

Holy shit! I can't believe Jinx is doing this!

Have him deported. .lol Phone Post 3.0

The same I would do with any other guy. Grill him on his future plans. Maybe Jose has 5 year plan to own a successful business. If not, hopefully my daughter has plans to make money. You need at least one bread winner Phone Post 3.0

I would ask her if she liked living in a bedroom sharing a house with 5 other families. Phone Post 3.0

Well, I'd look at the upside... I'd MUCH rather pay for a wedding held on the front lawn where a "taco lady" and a pinata are the biggest expenses.


I'd start pooping on the lawn the day before he comes. Nothing against mexicans, but I would hope for her to find someone in a field that isn't likely to be overtaken by robots in the next few decades. Phone Post 3.0

Migga I am Jose

and I'm 33.