What if.....

What if Chuck dropped to Middleweight? How do you think he would do against those guys? I know the guy hangs around 203-205 and would have to drop a big 20 pounds but I think it would be awesome match ups for him...

Just think

Chuck v Horn 3

Chuck v Hallman

Chuck v Leban

Chuck v Franklin

Chuck v Grove

Chuck v Swick

Chuck v Silva

Chuck v Lawler

Chuck v Loiseau

Chuck v Lutter

Chuck v MacDonald

Chuck v Marquardt

Chuck v Okami

Chuck v Sell

Chuck v Tanner

Chuck v Terrell

What do yall think of those matchups

From what I understand Chuck walks around between 225-230.

Wow...Just by lookin at him he dont even look that big....

But I would love to see a Chuck v Silva and Chuck v Swick fight as well....I think Leban would think he could stand there and stand with Chuck....Dunno how Leban would do against the cage with the flurry of punches bouncing off his head

Wut if noone raffed the Chack Tito figt and they fouth tell dath?

lol @ Chuck being able to make 185. 

Hed have to go to a poor country overseas and starve with them to make the 185lb mark

But I still think at middleweight has a lot of good match ups for him

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Sorry...prolly should of named it....How would chuck match up against middleweights