What impresses you more?

Randy Couture dominating Tim Sylvia for 5 rounds to become the HW champ at 43 or Matt Serra knocking out GSP in round 1?

For me, Couture impresses me more. Only because Serra caught GSP and I'm not sure if he could do it again. I think that Couture could beat Tim 6 out of 10 times (maybe more). I'm not taking away anything from Serra because that was an awesome performance, but I think that GSP could beat Serra 8 or 9 out of 10 times.

So, what impresses you more? Just curious to get some responses.

Serra was more impressive imo.

Matt Serra KOing GSP is a real upset.

Couture beating Tim Sylvia was impressive but the only real factor was whether or not Couture's age was catching up with him or not.

Definately Serra...But Randy's first punch was pretty slick as well...

The Terra wins this one.

Sylvia didn't seem like the unbeatable champion that GSP did. That's why I went with the Terra Serra. I was shocked by both though. What's next, Crocop losing to Gonzaga?

I don't think Randy LnP. he was active throughout the fight, iirc. Not like the old version of Koscheck.

I'd have to go w/ Couture because it was 5 rounds of domination (yeah I know, he didn't finish him) instead of 1.

Tim's reign as champion is done imo. He won the belt twice, but his time has passed and the division just got a whole lot better. GSP will win the belt again most likely.

I was equally impressed

although Serra's win was a fluke, i'd have to go with it

But Pasta, you seem to hate Randy.

My pick is Randy. Serra's seemed like more of a fluke whereas Randy's was 25 minutes of one-sided domination.

Couture was more impressive

Serra was more shocking

5 rounds of total domination cant possibly be a fluke.

a ko by a guy whos never ko'd anyone can

I think the Serra fight was a bigger upset for sure,but I thought the Couture was more impressive in that he dominated Sylvia for five rounds.

Randy always impresses me but think about it Serra got the first knock out of his career in the UFC over a guy that was universally considered the # 1 WW in the world.

Gotta give it to Matt.

"finishing the fight is always more impressive than LnP."

That's such bullshit dude.

However in this case, Randy dominating Sylvia didn't shock me anywhere near like Serra beating GSP.

Whichever fight shocked you the most at the time you saw it, was the one you were more impressed with.



"Whichever fight shocked you the most at the time you saw it, was the one you were more impressed with."

Shock and impressed don't mean the same thing.

I was shocked by Sokoduju knocking out Lil Nog, but I was more impressed by Diaz beating Gomi (though I wasn't shocked at all).

I was more shocked by Couture beating Sylvia, but more impressed by Serra's win overe GSP.

Couture was more impressive. However, Serra was more shocking.