what is a UFC 1 poster worth?

How much would you guys say a UFC 1 event poster is worth? I have a connection who is willing to sell me one for a price which I will leave undisclosed for now.

I have seen them sell for 4-5 hundred

$500 minimum. If the UFC takes off with this tv show the posters and programs will be the 2 biggest collectables.

that is the grand daddy of them all as far as collecting goes. very rare, hard to find, and pricey.

stinkin-- werent you the one telling me that they didnt have t-shirts for the first few ufcs? i just got a ufc 2 t-shirt.

so the price guide says....................?

Not me Yuma. I got all the shirts from back then.

stinkin- what shirts do you have? events that is. got a ufc 1,2, or 3?