What is Aronas problem?

For two or three years now, he has said he is the best and he can beat this fighter, and he can beat that fighter and he can beat Vanderlei and all this crap. I have on several ocassions came on here in his defence.

Now, he has the perfect opportunity to PROVE it and just decides to "pass" on the whole thing?


I mean, it's only the biggest (and richest) and will be the greatest middleweight tournament in MMA history, that's all.

Way to go, Ricardo!

Maybe he doesn't want to get stuck fighting Silva for the second fight of the night like Rampage had to in their first fight. I don't blame him for that.

He does have an ADCC superfight coming up

I thought there was an issue with too many top team guys already in the GP..

 I think thats the problem

Arona's problem? His ego.

I believe it may be due to his commitment with the ADCC.

Alternatively (sp?), it may be due to the fact theat DSE just didn't ask him to be int eh GP.

Probably a combination of ADCC fight coming up, not wanting to "waste" his shot at Silva in a tournament format, and wanted to give Rogerio and possibly Filho a shot at becoming stars.

I'm sure if he were willing and able, Pride would have used him in the GP.

I thought he was still a possiblity if Filho doesn't win the four man tourney.

The best I saw him was when he beat Hendo.

I think rollitup has it right. I think he wants a shot at Vanderlei without having to fight in the tournament. I don't agree that he should have that right, but he definitely believes he should.

"I don't agree that he should have that right, but he definitely believes he should."

Yeah, it's not like Pride promised him a shot years ago or anything.

Oh, wait...

He looks like the devil

"I keep hearing it is because of his commitment to the ADCC superfight, but correct me if I am wrong, isn't the fight supposed to be against Dean Lister, who actually has a chance to be in the GP. "


Completely forgot about that :-)

He HATES Vitor.

He and Vitor could finally settle their "thing"

.........this is his chance.

He wants a Rampage rematch.....this is his chance.

He wants Vanderlei.............this is his chance.

He wants a HUGE payday...............this is it!!!

I think it's safe to say Prides MW GP winner will pocket 20 times more than ADCC will pay winner of Arona/Lister.............

C'mom Ricardo, your time is NOW, step up!!!!!!!

why does he hate vitor?????

He said nobody in the tourny is pretty enough to fight him.

Dean Lister is fighting Arona on May 28 or 29th but Lister is still fighting in the four man tourney and at the grand prix...

Lister is fighting the 4-man tourny and ADCC Superfight

He said, if he can win the invitation (4 man tourny to be the 16th fighter) that he would be HONORED to participate.

He and pride arnt on good terms since he withdrew from last GP. Pride finds him unreliable.