What is Aronas problem?

Maybe Arona does not want to have a tournament stacked against him so that the fan favorites can do well.

If any sane person were to look at the fighters in this tournament, I don't think they could "STACK" it in any one fighters favor. And if you're reflecting on Pride "favoring" Vanderlei Silva, that's real funny. They really favored him VS Mark Hunt, didn't they? and VS Rampage TWICE, didn't they? And Cro Cop?????

Out of sixteen fighters, there will naturally seem to be a couple of "easier" opponents, but when the second round begins.........I don't see how anyone could argue, that we will be seeing the best eight MW/LHW on the planet fighting to see who is the very BEST.

I can't wait.

I wish all the fighters the very best of luck and to have good health thoughout this tourny (and after also)

gryphon reported that sakakibara was on pride's radio show and mentioned arona wasn't participating. but sakakibara didn't give a reason. however it seems his name is still being floated as an alternate or something.

i think the shieks at abu dhabi will take care of the money part.

The shieks might have billions and billions to throw around but over the years, they have chosen NOT to throw it at the fighters, so it don't much make a F!

Tito, Arona, Sperry and Kerr were NOT paid all that much, when you compare it to what Pride pays.

you sure about that? i have never seen what abu dhabi or pride pays.

only ufc releases its pay scale. where do you get your info?

Smokin' Pole, Wow you must be really upset if you're starting to bash the object of your affection.

Its especially surprising since you said your "wife" considers him one of the "hottest" fighters. lol.

You obviously have a lot of pent up homosexual angst. Why don't you just come out of the closet?


ttt for smoky

I am too am kind of wondering if this thing between Vitor and Arona is legit? Do they really dislike each other and if so why?

Arona is the best!