What is ATL doing?

What is Atlanta trying to do?They lost:
DickauThey got:
Ndiaye(10 day contract)
second-round draf pick (from the Knicks)first-round draft pick (from Detroit via Milwaukee)Anybody know how much money they cleared up now?Is this all for a shot at Kobe?Is there a list somewhere of upcoming free agents?

kobe is playing for colorado next year

Is that your opinion or did you read that somewhere.

It'd probably be wise of Kobe to show interest in Denver.

Right or wrong, it might help him in court.

Atlanta is the worst frachise in the NBA, even worse than the Clippers. Their 278 fans don't give a shit, and management is retarded to go along with ownership who doesn't even want them. They should be contracted and a dispersal draft held.

Ever since the Hawks traded Dominque Wilkins for Danny manning, it has been all down hill from there.

This is a blatant effort to clear cap-space, and boy do they have tons of it. The contracts of all of the players acquired this week come off the books next year. And the few players they do have under contract make no greater than $1M each (except for Terry, who they probably want to keep anyway). This means they not only have room to go after Kobe, they could also go after Kenyon Martin (who's not happy the Nets won't offer the max) as well as a solid player such as Adonal Foyle, who's underrated IMO. And if none of these moves pan out the new owners can at least save millions of dollars (which is the bottom line for most franchises, let's face it).

Kobe would never go there.