What is Big Show's greatest moment?

Here's a shortened timeline of his highlight moments:


- The Giant won the WCW title from Hogan (via DQ) in 1995. The match is really bad, and the title was vacated via storyline reasons the next day. After that, he begins a stretch of squashing jobbers/mid-card guy


- In 1996, The Giant wins the belt again on a Nitro match against Ric Flair. His reign lasts from April to August of 1996. What happened inbetween those months was the formation of the nWo, leading to a match where Hogan beat him at Hog Wild... and two weeks later The Giant would join the nWo as well! 


- After joining, The Giant continues beating up nobodies. However.. at World War 3 (WCW's version of the Royal Rumble with three rings + more guys) he WINS! He eliminates Jeff Jarrett last and goes on to become #1 contender.


- Hard times ensue in the entire year of 1997 as The Giant is kicked out of the nWo for asking "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan for a title shot. During his babyface turn, he has several matches against the champion and none of them (2 DQ's, one no contest) actually have a result to them. This is an example of dumb WCW booking that'd be akin to a Royal Rumble winner having a match end by DQ at Mania


1998 rolls around and things start off good (finally beating a no longer champion Hulk Hogan) but quickly ended bad as Kevin Nash accidentally drops him on his head and breaks his neck ALMOST.  Near the end, the Nash feud finally ends with Kevin hitting him with a wrench and powerbombing him.. effectively ending his career in WCW.


Paul Wight debuts in 1999. He accidentally helps Austin win the match.

One month later his first real match is held on Raw. He loses clean to Austin.


He has a stupid match with Mankind at Wrestlemania for the 'privilege' to ref the match between Rock/Austin later that night. He chokeslams Mankind through chairs and loses by DQ.


He eventually becomes champion at the end of 1999 anyway. The reign is not memorable. Triple H beats him shortly thereafter back.


Big Show has nothing feuds for the next couple of years, even being demoted to their training camp to get shaped up (losing to Batista in a match in 2000 as well for punishment)

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Big Show finally does something memorable when Paul Heyman inexplicably leaves Lesnar for Big Show because in storyline he was 'convinced' Brock Lesnar could not beat Big Show (what???) but then loses it to Kurt Angle a month later anyway.


Four years pass and ECW has been revived. Big Show becomes a monster heel for a lengthy amount of time, much to the chagrin of ECW fans. Paul Heyman once again betrays someone to side with Big Show and gets hit with a cup by a fan. After the reign is over, the damage is done and the brand is basically dead for sure.


In 2011-2012, he wins the World Heavyweight Title twice. In one match - against Sheamus - you'd be amazed by how it was actually well done.


2013-2015 Plays a bitch bodyguard for The Authority

2015-2020 He knocks people out and then leaves..

What do you think his greatest moment is?

Big boss man dragging his dad’s casket with a cop car....obviously 


Choking Dennis Rodman was his highlight

Winning the WWF title for me, that Big Show was a savage and it was all part of a golden era with Rock and HHH and Austin and Foley

ThunderlipsTapped - 

Big boss man dragging his dad’s casket with a cop car....obviously 

My daddy, my daddy.


when Vince had his face all up in Big Show’s ass

that time he feuded with Kane

ThunderlipsTapped -

Big boss man dragging his dad’s casket with a cop car....obviously 

Came to post this. That and bossman's eulogy of his dad are my favorite big show moments 



They need to do a dark side of the ring episode on the boss man feud .. that shit would be gold 

His best moment though was probably beating Brock at MSG for the title 

His match with Mayweather. That was a big deal and he was able to make it watchable with a novice a quarter of his size

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Floyd smashed Show's nose then ran for his life

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Lol, him riding on the casket was the first thing I thought of. He says he ad-libbed that.

His "ECW" heel run was pretty good, imo. I dunno about moment, but he was always inspired for his SmackDown matches with Kurt and Brock, and I think those were his best work. The ring collapse spot with Brock was a great moment.

I was at the Survivor Series where he won the title. That was the show where Austin got "hit by the car" beforehand, and Kurt Angle debuted.

Heyman thought Brock couldn't beat Show because he wouldn't be able to F5 him, so Paul pulled out the ref he was counting after Brock hit the F5. Lol, fun match though.

Any superplex spot that collapsed the ring.