what is crazy monkey defense?

I have heard of the term crazy monkey defense here, what is it?

Tranquilizer guns have been known to work well against crazy monkeys.

anyone? I am thinking of getting Rodney Kings stand-up series, anyone here have it?

Crazy monkey is a type of defense developed by Rodney King in South Africa. The main idea with CM is to form a "nice and tight" defense for MMA or the street where you don't have big gloves. It basically looks like combing your hair, Fonzie style.

The main idea with CM is to quickly enhance defensive skills, which are a big priority in striking. CM is pretty much non-attribute based, so it can be learned without posessing the reflexes of Roy Jones jr.

Rodney's tapes are excellent, the best instructionals for stand-up that I've seen.

Thank you for the description, are the kick blocks same as Muay Thai?

In a word, yes. CM is for punches. Rodney teaches kicking defense in the SBG set but his own set is dedicated to boxing.

Thanks for the info membrane.

I own the 2 tapes from his site. I am pretty happy with them, its a nice method, you will not be dissapointed in it.

I think I will be buying the set, no one seems to have anything bad to say about it.

Just got his Sparring 101 DVD, it's great. You should have your CM basics down before you get this one, though, as he doesn't do much technical explanation of it, more conceptual stuff.