What is Crazy Monkey

Can someone pls explain this to me? Is it a boxing style or way to get in the clinch?

No wiseass remarks pls. I'm very curious.



The SBG guys can answer this far more eloquently than I can, but maybe I can take a shot at this.
It's a method of aggressive defense developed by their South African coach Rodney King. The basic premise behind it is that since traditional Western Boxing methods are primarily attribute based (which is something I still need to figure out exactly what is, but having seen some of what I consider to be bad boxing on cable, I'm starting to get the idea...), most people can't be good boxers because they don't possess those balls-to-the-walls attributes.
In comes the Crazy Monkey, a method of defense which relies less on traditional boxing methods (catch, shield, slip, bob and weave). It's hard to describe on the internet, but if you place both of your wrists on your eyebrows, move your forearm into the centerline of your face and comb your hand into your hair with the idea of letting your forearm absorb the strike, it's what it kinda looks like. Note: this is an OVERLY simplified response, so don't take it as the gospel truth or something.
From what I've read, some SBG top boxers who are already skilled in their profession have switched completely over to that structure which, in my opinion, says alot about this method of striking. I've tried it a few times and, with much thanks to Jerry Wetzel, have been enjoying success with it in a fashion that I never had before when useing the traditional methods.
Anyhow, if you're going to be at Matt's seminar in a few weeks, you can get a better description then. If not, we've got a lot of people on here who are far more knowledgeable who can give you more details.

Crazy Monkey = Something that works!!!

Interesting concept. This is basically what most Thai boxers will do when overhelmed at that game by a good English boxer.

It also has something in common with how Jack Dempsey used to teach defense, which was to put your elbows in front of your face.

Thanks guys. I appreciate it.