What is Dana saying here?

Lets assume Khabib beats Gaethje for a second. Khabib has said Poirier could fight either Conor or Tony and the winner of that could get the next title shot if he does not do the GSP fight.

Dana has said he offered Poirier and Conor a fight for Jan.

Now Dana is saying Tony could get the Khabib fight if he wins his next fight. I assume it would be vs Chandler or Oliveira.

Think this comment about Tony getting the next shot if he wins a fight is just talk to stick it to Conor or could it be legit?


Ferguson is not completely out of the picture, according to White. 

"If Khabib does beat Gaethe, you get Tony Ferguson another fight [against a different opponent], which we’re working on right now," he told Sports Illustrated

"And hopefully that fight with Khabib [and Ferguson] happens because I know people want to see it."

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fight fall apart as many times as those two," he said. 

"It almost scares me to make the fight again. What’s going to happen? An asteroid comes to earth? That’s the level of bad this thing is."

Do you want to be a fuckin’ fighter? 

Just book the fight, no media 

Perhaps there is something happening behind the scenes with the whole Conor Pacquiao deal. Maybe thats why Dana shifted to the Tony talk and tried to put together Tony Chandler at 254 once Dustin turned it down. If Conor Poirier gets put together and Conor gets the win but then goes off to box Pac, that would leave the Tony Chandler winner in a position to get a title shot Khabib next. If Justin gets the upset and the fight goes over a round I'd imagine the UFC would give Khabib a instant rematch for his 30th fight.



Diego Diego is a southpaw 

looking for the easiest fight possible