What is Dana White doing in Culver City?


No idea. No one goes to Culver City, and nothing is really there.

strippers, coke, and stripper's asses

Culver City has a cool Target and Verizon store....Plus the Fox Hill Mall is right there

Johnny's Pastrami!!!

either that or he has a meeting on the Sony Lot for something.



 oh wait,   AEG has a corporate office in Culver City.

Most likely has a meeting for the UFC at Staple Center.

Maybe he is going to go on Sepulveda Blvd. to visit the...

 Sony baby!

3 words


There is a BigLots and Kinkos over there.

NBC films their shows there too!

tokyo 77 best diner ever is there. 5$ lunches.

lol at the tattle tale room. that dive bar has been the end of two marriages that i know of. its almost as bad as the joker on pico

My best guess would be doing promos for UFC 104 at the Staples Center.

 LOL I was raised in Culver City  for the first 7 years of my life. I'm old, MGM studio backlot was a couple blocks from our house.

^^ LOL @ Tattle Tale.

I drive by it often. Seriously, what he's really in CC for is weed.

North CC and West LA, there's a medical MJ dispensary on almost every single block. From my apt I know of 6 within 3 miles. :)

yes.....teh sony. maybe someone is shooting an interview with him or he is overlooking the UFC blockbuster being shot on the lot using the 007 Stage.

maybe he wants to get hassled by do nothing cops

 He is giving away UFC Tickets at the mall!

checkuroil - maybe he wants to get hassled by do nothing cops

Tell me about it. They'll pull you over for anything.